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We are delighted to introduce Colby to you!  Colby will be ready for his forever-home on/around June 15th.  He comes completely trained, housebroken, off-leash capable, and full of cuddles for the right family.

About Colby

Breeding: Colby is an AKC registered Golden Retriever puppy from Heaven Scent Goldens in Molalla, OR.  Both parents have good or better clearances from Eyes, Shoulders, Elbows, etc...

Energy Level: Moderate  - Like most puppies he is spunky and energetic, but also knows when and how to keep his cool.

Family Temperament: Excellent - He is fantastic with children as young as 5 mo. old, without even a hint of nipping, grabing, pawing or scratching.

Personality:  Slightly Introverted - He enjoys meeting new people and is submissive, almost shy at first, but warms up quickly.  There is a good portion of this he will likely grow out of with consistent exposure to new people.

Exercise:  Easy - He loves going for short walks and will walk either on or off leash.  However, his favoriste thing to do is be near you, regardless of what that looks like.  Don't have time? He will content himself chewing on a bone on the livingroom floor.

What's included?

Colby will come to you with pretty much everything included.

- Completely trained on and off-leash

- Food to last until you can establish your routine or switch him to something else

- Fully Vaccinated

- Chipped

- Mendota brand British-Style Slip Lead

- 3-4 Lessons = One before he goes home  ||  One when he goes home  ||  At least one follow-up

- Full benefits of standard Charlo members including:

          - Lifetime Support

          - Unlimited Group Classes

          - Unlimited Phone Support

- One week free boarding voucher (Call for availablility)

Want to meet him?

Before we start talking about go-home dates or anything like that, we need to get to know you a little bit, and you should probably at least meet the little guy!  We would ask that you follow the "Booking" link above and schedule a "Meet&Greet - Colby" appointment.

Colby is now Colby Klein

Colby has found his forever home with the Kleins!  We couldn't be more excited for this little guy on his new adventure.  The Kleins are a wonderful adventurous family with a real passion for life and his new brother Whisky is going to be so excited when he comes home.  Mr. Klein is a photographer (and we are talking National Geographic centerfold quality) and loves taking the family to interesting places.  We encourage you to check out his gallery as some of these images are truely breathtaking.