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What's included?

Finn will be fully equipped for his new home.

- Completely trained on and off-leash

- Already established on long-term food.

- Fully Vaccinated.

- Mico-Chipped.

- Mendota brand British-Style Slip Lead

- 3-4 Lessons = One before he goes home  ||  One when he

   goes home  ||  At least one follow-up

- Full benefits of standard Charlo members including:

          - Lifetime Support

          - Unlimited Group Classes

          - Unlimited Phone Support

- One week free boarding voucher (Call for availablility)

About Finn

Breeding: Finn is an AKC registered Golden Retriever puppy from Heaven Scent Goldens in Molalla, OR.  Both parents have good or better clearances from Eyes, Shoulders, Elbows, etc...

Energy Level:  Low  - Finn has a lower energy level, but that doesn't mean he can't be just as spunky as any other puppy.  His default tends to be just hang out and chill,  but hewill play with you just as hard as you play with him.  

Family Temperament: Excellent - He is fantastic with children as young as 2 yrs. old, with supervision (of course) to be sure there is no nipping, grabing, pawing or scratching.

Personality:  Laid back - Finn has a pensive personality and while excited to encounter new people/situations, he does tend to evaluate the situation before jumpin in full steam.

Exercise:   Low - Even with a field-bred background this guy would still usually prefer to chill on the porch than run a marathon. He will play tug, fetch, run, and wrestle, but is equally content to sit back and watch the world go by.

Want someone like him?

While Finn already has a family, we would still be delighted to meet with you and discuss where we might find someone like him for your family!  We ask you follow the "Booking" link above and schedule a "Meet&Greet - Puppy" appointment.  To make other arrangements, or for any additional questions, please call Sam at (503) 867-2873.

Training Commands Include:

- "Here"  ||  The recall command means come sit in front of me and look up at me.

- "Sit"  ||  Sit down where you are and stay seated.

- "Down"  ||  Lay down (front elbows must be on the ground) and stay laying down.

- "Place"  ||  Climb up on an object/obstacle and stay on that object.

- "Heel"  ||  Stand/Walk on left-hand side with nose aligned with leg.

- "Free"  ||  Release command. This tells him he no longer needs to be following any particular obedience command.

- "Off"  ||  Let's him know what he is doing is never okay. Great for setting boundaries in the home.

- "Drop"  ||  Let go of the toy you are playing with so we can do something else.

- "Good"  ||  Marks the behavior as something he should be doing. The "correct response" or action.

- "Nope"  || Marks the behavior as something he did incorrectly, not wrong or bad, just incorrect.

Training isn't just about obedience

We train for temprament including how well they behave out and about.  Finn will have been socialized starting at eleven weeks.  This includes exposure to people, dogs, cats, carts, and sounds in a wide variety of different situations.  Our puppy projects go everywhere with us; stores, parks, restaurants, and even family events.  Learning to be calm and working in all of these different environments will ensure your puppy behaves in any situation.  (Finn will have had exposure to and worked with babies and young children.)

In our Charlo 8 puppy program, we cover potty training, crate training, puppy biting, nipping, socialization, creating calm behaviors inside the house, car manners, vet manners, and full on and off-leash training.  Training begins the day you get your puppy, preventing bad behaviors before they have developed.  Starting training early is the best way we can set your puppy up for success.  

Finn Rose Tagger

The Rose Tagger family fell in love with Finn at first sight.  They decided Finn was the puppy for them, but the problem was they would be completely unable to work with him for six weeks!  At a loss, they found Charlo Training.   Finn stayed with Charlo from 11 weeks to 18 weeks completing the Charlo 8 program in just under 7 weeks!  He now can enjoy life with his new family without having to worry about putting in that initail training block.