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At Charlo we believe training for one issue is only doing half the job.  It is for this reason our

training is membership based, comprehensive, and unlimited.  

Here is what membership looks like:

Lifetime Membership:

        4-6 customized in-home training sessions*

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to training. These customized 1-on-1 training sessions are tailored to the needs of our clients and their dogs.  By the time our members finish their 1-on-1's they are ready to handle more challenging situations.

          Unlimited group classes

Once you and your dog have completed your in-home training sessions you will be cleared to attend group classes where the sky is the limit.  Group classes are held once a week at different times in different places throughout the Wilsonville-Beaverton-Oregon City triangle. These sessions are a great opportunity to take your dogs obedience training to the next level, teaching them to listen in a variety of circumstances with differing levels of distractions.  

        Phone Support

Access to Charlo Trainers via telephone for support on any issues your dog may develop throughout the life of the dog.  A professional trainer will answer the phone and guide you through whatever issue may arise.  If phone support isn't enough, you will be directed to the next group class, or asked to book out another 1-on-1 session.

         Lifetime Training

Very much like our philosophy of no single issue training, we don't finish with our customers after they complete the basics.  Once your dog is a Charlo member, they are a member for life!  This means, you always have somewhere to turn should your pup start acting up again.  We encourage, and frequently have, old-time members contacting us for no-cost refreshers on certain obedience points.



Pro-Tools add-on:

          Mendota brand british style slip lead

We always recommend the Mendota british style slip lead be-

cause it is the most effective working with the dog.  Most other

leash combinations are either insecure, or do not train effectively.

          Treat pouch

One of the basics of training is consistency and speed.  With the

treat pouch, you will have the most basic reward ready at your

fingertips without digging through pockets.

          Starter treats

What good is a treat pouch without the treats themselves?  We

also supply 1 bag of all-natural, made in the USA, Duck Tenders.

          Size appropriate placeboard

One staple of training is teaching a "place" command.  The most

helpful aid in this is a designated "place".  These placeboards

accomodate most size dogs and one a good size for yours is in-

cluded in the Pro-Tools pack.

          Long line

One thing a dog-in-training should never be without is a long line.

These are perfect for working on recall, and teaching boundaries.

We will of course demonstrate on the proper way to use this to

give you a dog that comes running when you call.

One-time membership fee:


Kit price:

*Additional lessons at trainer's reccommendation at no cost.

Launch Program:

        Same as above +

        2-Week intensive training.

Your dog will stay with a trainer in their home, learning in a home environment, going where we go, doing what we do.  We try to model each Launch after the lifestyle of the dogs owners.  This enables us to closely replicate the environments and conditions the dog will be around upon going home, which increases the training's rate of retention.  This is by no means the end of the training, it's just a place to Launch from.  After the Launch there are 2 go-home lessons followed by 2 manditory group classes over the course of the next two months.  We will work with the owners if flexibility on class times is an issue.

          Mendota brand British-Style Slip Lead

We recommend and use the Mendota brand British-Style Slip Lead.  When your dog comes home from the Launch we will bring with them the same lead we used throughout the training.  If we are starting with a couple of lessons first, we will bring it to the lessons.

*Note: Not all dogs qualify for the Launch and it will only be offered post-evaluation (the demo session).


Membership + Launch: